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Tapestry’s mission is to provide quality child and adult therapy.

In late November 2004 Tapestry Counseling came to life in Fort McMurray, Alberta and relocated to Edmonton, Alberta in 2016.  The company was founded on the following beliefs:

  • It is difficult for most individuals to seek psychological help
  • Each person is the expert on that person’s life
  • Knowledge of self is valuable in changing unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  • Change happens through a collaborative interactive process between client and therapist
  • The latest research on the brain and how the brain works will assist clients to better understand how they work internally and how they can make changes to improve their life and take charge of their problems.

ann-reillyAnn Reilly
M.S.W., R.S.W.-S, C.P.T.
Clinical Social Worker and Approved Supervisor
Certified Child Psychotherapist
and Play Therapistassessment-icon

 Now available “The Beast and the Salt Water Potion” a Children’s book about unexpected events.  A workbook will also be available to assist children.


We delight in the beauty
of the butterfly
but rarely admit the changes
it has gone through
to achieve that beauty.
~ Maya Angelou

You can learn more about
a person in one hour of play
than you can in
one year of
- Plato -