Therapy for Child, Teens and Family

Specialized Therapy for Children and Teens

Sometimes children are unable to speak or make sense of the problems or difficulties they experience in their life.  As a result, they act out in ways that are both confusing and frustrating to their parents.

Parents are Experts

Tapestry views parents as experts on their children and works in partnership with parents.  Through a variety of therapeutic techniques Tapestry can assist the child/teen to develop new and more appropriate ways of responding to problems.


Child Therapy….

Therapy techniques are modified for infants and toddlers.  Therapy for young children is usually provided in an interactive relationship with both the parent and child.

Children four and older are normally seen individually in the play therapy room, but in therapy there are always exceptions.  Children are only seen individually if they are comfortable with seeing the therapist alone.  If the child is not comfortable then parents are invited to join in the therapy until the child is comfortable.

Please see Child Play Therapy for details on Child Therapy.


Teen Therapy ….

Adolescence is a time of great change in both the teens’ body and social/emotional interacting. Many parents find the push-pull of the teenage years to be extremely challenging.   Research is showing a high degree of brain activity during this period and it is noted to be the last great surge of childhood.  This means that inside the teen’s head there is a lot happening that might explain some of the moods and behaviors adults see in the adolescent.

The main psycho-social developmental task of teens’ is progressing through the stage of Individuation…in this process the teen is seeking to determine who he/she is as a person.  At this stage teens need a balance between independence and structure in their life.  This balance provides safety and security and helps the teen learn problem solving, conflict resolution and other thinking skills necessary for healthy adult life.

The Individuation process can become intensified if the teen experiences environmental (divorce etc.) or internal (anxiety/depression) stressors.  Many teens will turn to peers, alcohol/drugs or activities against self (eating disorders/self mutilation) to take control of feelings of helplessness and/or obtain relief from their internal pain.

Teens can be seen in individual talk therapy or in family therapy to help open up new lines of communication between parents and teens.


Family Therapy….

Family therapy normally consists of the entire family, but can also consist of two or more family members at a time working through specific relationship issues.  The goal of family therapy is to assist families to find solutions to their struggles.  This is usually accomplished by exploring communication patterns and roles in families.  The therapist helps the family develop healthier ways to listen and respond to each other.  Families learn new ways of seeing each member of the family and choices that they have as individuals and as a family.




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We delight in the beauty
of the butterfly
but rarely admit the changes
it has gone through
to achieve that beauty.
~ Maya Angelou

You can learn more about
a person in one hour of play
than you can in
one year of
- Plato -